Key - E

Transpose To:

  Better Is One Day

verse 1:

[E]how lovely is your dwelling place[A]

o lord almi[Bsus]ghty

[E]my soul longs and even faints for y[Bsus]ou

[E]for here my heart is satisfied[A]

within your pr[Bsus]esence

i s[E]ing beneath the shadow of your wi[Bsus]ngs


better is on[A2]e day in your courts

better is on[Bsus]e day in your house

better is on[A2]e day in your courts

than thousands elsewhe[Bsus]re (repeat)

verse 2:

[E]one thing i ask, and i would seek [A]

to see your be[Bsus]auty

[E]to find you in the place

your glory dw[Bsus]ells


[C#m7]my heart and flesh cry ou[B]t

[A]for you, the living go[Bsus]d

[C#m7]your spirit's water fo[B]r my so[A2]ul     [Bsus]

[C#m7]i've tasted and i've s[B]een

[A]come once again to me

[E/G#]i will draw near to you

[F#m7]i will draw near to y[Bsus]ou