Key - D

Transpose To:

  Blessed Assurance

verse 1:

blessed as[D]surance, [G]jesus is [D]mine

o what a [Bm]fore[A]taste of [E]glory di[A]vine

heir of sa[D]lvation, [G]purchase of [D]god

born of his [G]spirit, [A]washed in his [D]blood


[A]this is my [D]story, [G]this is my [D]song

praising my s[Bm]avior a[E]ll the day [A]long

[A]this is my [D]story, [G]this is my [D]song

praising my s[G]avio[Em]ur a[A]ll the day l[D]ong

verse 2:

perfect sub[D]mission, [G]perfect de[D]light

visions of [Bm]rapt-[A]ure now [E]burst on my [A]sight

angels des[D]cending, [G]bring from [D]above

echoes of [G]mercy, [A]whispers of [D]love

verse 3:

perfect sub[D]mission, [G]all is at [D]rest

i in my [Bm]savi[A]our am [E]happy and [A]blessed

watching and [D]waiting, [G]looking [D]above

filled with his [G]goodness, [A]lost in his [D]love