Key - A

Transpose To:

  Draw Me Close To You

[A]draw me close to y[D]ou      [E]

never let me [A]go   [E]

i lay it all [D]down [F#m]again

to hear you say that [D]i'm your friend

[A]you are my [D]desire     [E]

no one else will [A]do     [E]

cause nothing else c[D]ould take your p[F#m]lace

to feel the warmth of [D]your embrace

[A]help me find the [D]way to, [E]bring me back to y[A]ou


[A]you're a[E]ll i [D]want

[A]you're a[E]ll i've e[D]ver needed

you're [E]all i w[D]ant

[E]help me know you are n[A]ear