Key - G

Transpose To:

  God Will Make A Way

[G]God will make a [D/F#]way

where there [C/E]seems to be no [G/D]way. [G/B]

he [C]works in ways we [G/B]cannot see

[Am7]he will make a w[D]ay for me

[G]he will be my g[D/F#]uide

hold me cl[C/E]osely to his[G/D] side [G/B]

with l[C]ove and strength for [G/D]each new day

[Am7]he will make a w[Em7]ay

[C/D]he will make a w[G]ay

by a [D#]roadway in the w[F]ilderness

he'll [D#/A#]lead -- [A#]me

[D#]rivers in the [F]desert

will i [G]see

[C]heaven and earth will [D/C]fade

but his [Bm]word will [B/D#]still rema[Em]in

[C]and he will do [D]something new to[E]day.