Key - G

Transpose To:

  How Great Is Our God

the [G]splendor of the king cl[Em7]othed in majesty

let all the earth re-j[C2]oice all the earth rejoice

he wr[G]aps himself in light and [Em7]darkness tries to hide

and trembles at his v[C2]oice and trembles at his voice


how gr[G]eat is our god sing with me

how [Em7]great is our god and all will see how [Cmaj7]great

how gr[D]eat is our g[G2]od

and [G]age to age he stands and [Em7]time is in his hands

beginning and the [C2]end beginning and the end

the g[G]odhead three in one f[Em7]ather spirit son

the lion and the l[C2]amb the lion and the lamb


na[G]me above all names w[Em7]orthy of all praise

my [Cmaj7]heart will sing how gr[D]eat is our g[G]od