Key - A

Transpose To:

  Shout To The Lord

[A]my Jesus [E]my savior,

[F#m]lord there is n[E]one like [D]you

all of my [A]days i [D]want to [A]praise

the [F#m]wonders of your [G]mighty [Esus]love

[A]my comfort, [E]my shelter

t[F#m]ower of r[E]efuge and s[D]trength

let every [A]breath, a[D]ll that i [A]am

[F#m]never cease [G]to worship [Esus]you


[A]shout to the l[F#m]ord all the [D]earth let us s[E]ing

[A]power and [F#m]majesty [D]praise to our k[E]ing

[F#m]mountains bow [D]down and the seas will roar

at the [E]sound of your n[Esus]ame

[A]i sing for [F#m]joy at the [D]work of your h[E]ands

[A]forever i'll [F#m]love you fo[D]rever i'll s[E]tand

[F#m]nothing co[D]mpares to the p[E]romise

i have in [A]you[F#m]           [D]       [E]