Key - G

Transpose To:

  How Great Thou Art

verse 1:

o lord my g[G]od, when i in [C/G]awesome wonder,

consider [G]all the worlds thy [D/F#]hand hath [G]made.

i see the s[G]tars, i hear the [C/G]rolling thunder

thy pow'r throu[G]ghout the uni[D/F#]verse dis[G]played


then sings my s[G]oul, my s[C/G]avior god, t[G]o thee

how great thou [Am7]art! how great thou [G]art!

then sings my soul, my [C/G]savior god, to [G]thee

how great thou [Am7]art! ho[C/G]w great thou ar[G]t!

verse 2:

and when i t[G]hink that god, his [C/G]son not sparing

sent him to d[G]ie, i scarce can [D/F#]take it [G]in

that on the cro[G]ss, my burden g[C/G]ladly bearing

he bled and d[G]ied to take a[D/F#]way my s[G]in


verse 3:

when christ shall [G]come, with shouts of [C/G]acclamation

and take me [G]home, what joy shall [D/F#]fill my h[G]eart

then i shall b[G]ow in humble a[C/G]doration

and there pro[G]claim, my god, how [D/F#]great you a[G]re!