Key - C

Transpose To:

  Father in Heaven

[C]father in [Cmaj7]heaven

how we [Dm7]love you

we l[G]ift your name

in a[G7]ll the ea[C]rth. [G7]

may your k[C]ingdom be es[Cmaj7]tablished

in our [Dm7]praises,

as your p[Dm7]eople

de[G7]clare your mighty w[C]orks!

bl[G7]essed be the l[C]ord [Cmaj7]god alm[Dm7]ighty

who w[G]as and is and [G7]is to co[C]me.

bl[G]essed be the l[C]ord [Cmaj7]god al[Dm7]mighty

who rei[G]gns forev[G/B]ermor[C]e.