Key - G

Transpose To:

  Above All

[G/B]above all p[C]owers

[D]above all [G]kings

[G/B]above all [C]nature and [D]all created t[G]hings

a[D/F#]bove all [Em7]wisdom and

a[D]ll the ways of [C]man.[G/B]

[Am7]you were here b[Am7/G]efore the world be[D/F#]gan.

[G/B]above all k[C]ingdoms

[D]above all [G]thrones

[G/B]above all wo[C]nders

the [D]world has ever [G]known

a[D/F#]bove all [Em7]wealth and

[D]treasures of the e[C]art[G/B]h

t[Am7]here's no way to [Am7/G]measure

what you're w[B7/F#]orth


[D/F#]laid behind a [G]stone

you lived to [Am7] die

[D/F#]rejected and [G]alone

[D/F#]like a [Em]rose

[D]trampled on the [C]groun[G/B]d

you took the f[Am7]all       [G/B]

and thought of [C]me    [D]

above [G]all