Key - D

Transpose To:

  Amazing Love

[D/F#]    i'm for[G2]given, [Asus]    because you were for[A]saken

[D/F#]    i'm acce[G2]pted, [Asus]    you were cond[A]emned

[D/F#]    i am ali[G2]ve and well,

your sp[Asus]irit is withi[A]n me

'c[G2]ause you [A]died and rose a[D]gain


[D]amazing love, [G]how can it be?

[D]that you, my king would die for [Asus]me?    [A]

[D]amazing love, [G]i know its true

[D]it's my joy to honor [Asus]you    [A]

in all i [G]do, [A] i honor [D]you


[D]you are my king, [D]you are my king

[D]Jesus, you are my king,

[D]Jesus, you are my king