Key - C

Transpose To:

  As The Deer Panteth

verse 1:

[C]as the [Em]deer panteth [Am]for the w[Am/G]ater

so my [F]soul longeth a[G]fter t[C]hee

y[C]ou al[Em]one are my h[Am]eart's d[Am/G]esire

and i [F]long to w[G]orship t[C]hee


y[Am]ou alone are my stre[F]ngth, my sh[C]ield

to y[F]ou alone may my s[Dm7]pirit yi[E]eld

y[C]ou al[Em]one are my he[Am]art's de[Am/G]sire

and i [F]long to [G]worship [C]thee

verse 2:

you're my friend

and you are my brother

even though you are a king

i love you more than any other

so much more than anything

verse 3:

i want you more than gold or silver

only you can satisfy

you alone are the real joy giver

and the apple of my eye